Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the fox


  This is a English song. it name is  <the fox> and  lyrics  is very funny.It describes kinds of animals' sound but any sound  less than the fox. the fox sound is abnormal. this isn't a original edition,this is a dub edition.though the original edition is also funny but the dub edition is more funny.especially 'tchoffo  tchoffo tchoffo'so Mach like dogs sound and amusing is a ferocious dog.but original edition is a soft dog very natural.
  I find it insterting  is not only lyrics humor and nice rhythm but also let somebody to happy. If when one's mood is bad that listen to the song  after and  they will laugh out.
  although the dub edition funny more than the original edition but isn't better than original. If duber wants better than original singer must be very hardly exercises more.